Netiquette-social learning spaces

A L E and Redeschmaus are essentially voluntary private professional social learning spaces. Share and take part. People with common interests are invited, however they will come from a wide range of different cultural and professional backgrounds none lesser none the greater. Benefits for you will emerge the more we learn to learn from each other.

It’s not enough to just be here. It’s all about communication, an addition to your course where we allow writing skills and speaking confidence to blossom. Chances are the people invited have the same concerns and questions and fears as you do, so don’t be afraid to interact.

When you write remember we can’t see your friendly playful smiles. Please communicate anything that is meant in a funny or ironic way with emoticons =). Think about the purpose of your post before you click. By being here you have agreed that we’ll be nice to each other in the best sense of the word.

The things we write in electronic form sometimes seem harsher that we really intend, so please be gentle with posts and responses, and think about the possible effect on others.
Ask yourself, “What is the cognitive, social or professional value of what I’m about to post?” “What kinds of feedback do I you want to get?” “If my purpose is to erode other people’s confidence how long can I expect to participate?”

Try to be concise. It is a sign of great intelligence. When in doubt KISS – keep it sweet and simple =)

Break up your posts with paragraphs to make them easier to read.

Being a voluntary supplement to formal lessons with one clear purpose and a limited budget, in the interest of us all, any comments that recognises, or is reported as being derogatory, offensive, disrespectful or overly activist in nature will be reviewed and / or removed notwithstanding.

Persistent sources of discord will be exited post-haste, as unpleasant discourse is unpleasant for everyone and not fitting with the kind of spirit we seek to uphold.