‘A Practicing Associate’

Patterson Institute - Practicing Associate Sherri Cambridge CELTA certification; dual Bachelor of Arts with international study experience, native English speaker (American) with clear speech and impeccable grammar, proficient in French, Spanish and German.
Firmenkurs Buchungen
Trainers’ Dash

Committed to student-centred learning with a communicative approach, excellent at planning and executing dynamic lessons using original materials, skilled at in-depth language research and analysis, Flexible to teach all levels in classroom, test preparation, or corporate settings.

2 responses

  1. “In all of her work, Sherri was infinitely reliable, dedicated, calm and even-tempered. Sherri had the ability to function admirably with any individual, regardless of their professional, management or leadership level. She was a very valuable employee and a great colleague.”
    Jean-Pierre Mongeau | Executive Director | The Transplantation Society

  2. “Ms. Williams consistently demonstrated her ability to provide high quality lessons to her students in a dynamic, professional manner. I am confident that she will be asset to any language school.”
    Omid Momtahen-Fakhrani | English Program Director | ILSC Montreal

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