‘A Practicing Associate’

PattersonInstitute.com - Practicing Associate Hannah I grew up in England but at the age of 18 discovered a passion for travelling and whilst I spent my term time studying Psychology at Manchester University, all my holidays were spent travelling as much as possible to places like Russia and China.
Firmenkurs Buchung (1:1)
Trainers’ Dash

Once I graduated I wanted to travel more but also to start working so I combined the two and moved to Seoul, South Korea where I took my first teaching job. After two and a half years of teaching in and travelling around Asia I moved back to London and started working in advertising and media.

I really missed teaching and being in the classroom so before the year was out I came over to Berlin to return to my passion and I’ve been teaching here for the four and a half years since then. I have a wide range of experience of teaching all ages and backgrounds and believe that my ability to engage with all students, and get them excited about learning is one of my key strengths as a teacher.

I recently completed my DELTA (Diploma in English Language Teaching for Adults) which has served to vastly improve both my knowledge of English language training methodology and professional practice. This latest achievement grounds my passion for language and education well, and signifies an unwavering commitment to optimizing the success of our participants.

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